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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Smith's Reading Without Nonsense

This is my first attempt at trying to sort of synthesis and jive some with Smith, no not Will Smith.  I am not getting jigging with it but with Frank Smith.  Wow!  This was some book!  I want to read more of Frank Smith and see what he has to say even further about writing.  This was so neat to hear him talk about Phonics and all the rules.  It was interesting to see reading from the predictive perspective and how we see things with hour brain.  The visual and non-visual are so important.  We need to build the non-visual so that reading can be easy for all.  Love it!  Getting jiggy with Frank!  Now I think I am going to create a Stupeflix with this one.  Will post tomorrow.  Enjoy!

Most Natural Act In the World
By Maureen Ucles

It's the most natural act in the world
Reading is so natural
Students come already reading
In some form or another
Reading the world
Reading and Predicting
Reading situations
Whole new view on
R to the E to A to the D
to the ing

Reading Behind the Eyes
The More You Know 
Reading Behind the Eyes
Easier on your life
So much less strife
When you read behind the eyes

Written language
Different speech
confusing for some
Cut out the nonsense
Don't make it so hard

Phonics, Phonics, Phonics
Don't even get me started
Zillion rules for me, you
Zillion ways to confuse
the ways to read
just sound it out.
Whut?  Seriously!

Hooked on phonics
reading with meaning
read with meaning
the eyes take in
we read with the brain
say it again
we read with the brain
meaning making
phonics 'smonics
take a car and go to sonic
Make meaning

Memory retrieval
recognition and recall
meeting new words
from a list?
Don't cha
get the gist?
Uh huh!
Yeah boy!
more words read
more words learned
vocabulary and meaning making
on steroids
keep reading
meaning making
help along
read to
read to
read to
create independence
and interdependence

Join the club
Join the club
reader from the roof tops
reading from the desk
reading from the laptop
don't even mention the test
Join the club
young man
join the club
join the club
young lady
just join
the lit-
lit-er-acy club

Reading effects writing
writing effect reading
bring it all together
got to have one
then the other
one and the other
More like
join the club
join the club

The brain sees
the eyes look
bring on the visual
and non-vi-su-al
what a rarity
should happen
the more you know
behind the eyes
young sir
behind the eyes

what about the memory
Short term
Long term
Slow down
Sound it out
every word right
start barking the words
every word right
no prediction
just stuck in the London
Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision

Whatever we do
write, speak or read
maybe listen too
meaning must come first
Did ya hear me?
Meaning must come first
No meaning
No peace
No understanding
talk to me now!
No meaning'
No peace
meaning must come first

Prediction is the heart
eliminating the possibilities
possibilities with prediction
so ya gonna makes some mistakes
correct and move on with prediction
prediction prediction

Labels and fables
why doesn't the world reverse if

Learning to read
just as natural
iced tea
on a hot summer day

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