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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Final Thoughts from Purves

Here are some final thoughts from Purves and technology.  When students are allowed to use their minds, hearts and souls in the creative reading response theory, then what a better way to do so using different forms of technology.  This is not technology for technology sake either.  What I am suggesting along with Purves is that students can "flip" their classroom with projects they choose.  After adding to their creative response tools, technology and bring it to a higher sphere.  The addition of technology brings things into a global perspective.  When students communicate with one another nowadays, it is usually with their smart phone.  They don't just text anymore.  There are a zillion new apps per day.  They could be using some of these social media experiences and bring it to responses.  They could be posting on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram with the pics they take and the messages that they send.  When you can join the global community and share your thoughts with others, that makes is extremely rigorous and relevant.  I know, since I have been playing around with different technologies the past 5 years my horizons have been expanded.  I used to be afraid of posting anything.  Now, I want to post and read other people's post.  I want to know what they think about what I have written.  So to this happens with students.  This is the real world.  It's time that we put down our dinosaur boots and joined them.

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