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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creative Response and Rosenblatt's influence

I have another blog called Just Write Baby!  I post quite often and recently I have been on tear about Rosenblatt mixed with Purves.  Here are some of my musings and writings from my blog.  Click on the links below.  Some of it is my writing and others is student writing and responses.

Daniel's Holes  Inspired by my time at an elementary school where I worked with small groups of students for 2 weeks each day.  The poem just flowed that evening.

Knucklehead and Students Responses
From these same students are some reading responses which using the book Knucklehead.

Poetry Pics-Responses

Gary Soto and Mytiburger

Feelin' It On Friday-Student Work

Poetry in the Wild-Student Poetry
Here are some poems that some students wrote.  We used them to read, enjoy and analyze.  They really loved looking at and reading other 5th grade poetry.  It was a start of our study brief study of poetry.

Reading, Reading, Reading It's Transactional

Sketch It Out-Student Reading, Writing and Thought  I was working with 4th grade students in the One Way Dual Language Classroom.

Spanish Student Writing-Poetry and Response

Student Response-Sketching What You See and Hear from a read aloud

Student Response-Spanish

Creative Response

Student Poetry Response Spanish

Reading is Transactional-Poem by M Ucles

TORS Training April 2013

Rosenblatt and Purves inspired Poem

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