Reading and Writing Journey

I will be posting my thoughts on different texts that I will be reading. The destination is not as important as the journey.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Book-New Adventure in the Brain

New Book Adventure

I started reading Reading and the Brain by Stanislas Dehaene.  I am looking forward to digging deeper with this one.  Today I read the first fifteen pages and will read way more over the weekend.  What struck me most is how the the brain picks up many words per second and millisecond.  We see letters and works to the right of what we are focusing on.  The further we go out from the perifery, the less we see.  It is cool how we see so much when we focus on on word or so and then we see more.  It's like our mind is reading ahead.  I guess that makes sense with what Frank Smith had said in his book.  We are always predicting as readers and bringing in the fact that we see so much more when we focus on words and more to the right, was very interesting.  I forgot the word but it was like stuccos or something.  (I will revise this tomorrow.)  Those are the little movements our eyes make as we take in the words to the retina to the foval or some word.  I will check on that and report more tomorrow.  After reading Frank Smith, I can't wait to get into this book and the next book on Reading and the brain.  This is so stimulating and fun!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Xtranormal Inspired Work Plus Stupeflix Work

I wanted to add some more technology to the mix and show you what I have been working on with Michelle.  We are creating a Google Site called Summer Digital Reading Project.  It is an off shoot of the Elementary Reading Project.  I will create a Snag it and show it to you this week sometime.  I am pondering whether I should invest into Camstasia. It's a bit pricey but after watching some of the tutorial videos on Youtube, I am thinking that this might be just the next challenging and ultra fantastic project to make more videos using different multimedia techniques.  For now I wanted to show you my videos that I have been producing.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Abydos TORS Reading Training Day Three Pics

Here are some pics of the Abydos TOR Training Day Three.  I will send my reflection of the day soon.  I wanted to get the pics out now.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Pic Collage Photo for My Portfolio

What else?

I am going to leave this open for tomorrow and the following days.  I will be reading more and debriefing more with my friends and colleagues.

Michelle and Maureen Ponder Purves, Rodgers and Soter-They are the X Factor

Michelle and I co-constructed meaning together by reading and discussing Purves in How Porcupines Make Love III. We tried to come up with a way to show the impact they had on our thinking.  We created a little video.  We wanted to explain what we learned and then put it into practice.  You will see us use the digital in creating video to recreate the scene in Crystal Allen's book  How Lamar's Bad Prank Won a Bubba-sized Trophy.  We then attempted to tableaux.  To tableaux or not to tableaux.  That's easy.  Let's get busy!  Enjoy.  I have the link to my Youtube channel.  Click on it and let the viewing begin.
Michelle and Maureen Pondering

Here are the tableaux pics:

Lamar starting a dangerous monetary relationship with Billy.  I am a tall Lamar and Michelle is a bad, bad Billy!

Lamar and Billy celebrate with a high five!

Lamar you better think before you act.  Write the essay!

Billy realizing he has Lamar in his back pocket.  Lamar thinking about his choices and justifying his bad choices to himself.  Put the money on the counter!

Xtranormal Beginning of Beach

Here is another Xtranormal.  I wanted to post the longer version but since technology is technology and it fails sometimes, it isn't ready.  Maybe tomorrow.  Who knows?  Still it's worth seeing the first version.  I hope you agree!

Two Guys Beaching

Xtranormal Beech Influenced Presentation Ready! Thank Goodness!

Finally a version came out clean.  I could definitely revise it but am happy it was actually published.  I will add the Youtube version soon.  Here is the link.  Click on the Xtranormal link below!
Life is a Beach! Xtranormal Video Click HERE!

Presentme Debriefing of Beach's Reading Response

I just finished a presentation where I created note cards to explain what I understand about the Reading Response Theories.  It was my second attempt.  In the first attempt at using it, I forgot to write some thought down.  It went okay and served the purpose but I wasn't satisfied.  So here's is the second attempt.  I like it much better and it help solidify some of my thinking.

Click on the link below.

Reading Response Debrief

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Interviews with TORS Talents

Here are some interviews that I have posted on my blog Just Write Baby.  I have included the links to my blog because blogger is experiencing technical difficulties.  Enjoy!

I will add more later.

Denise Sanford Interview Click Here!

Arcy's Hilarious Interview

The Journey Continues

The journey had started in January.  The anticipation.  The thrill.  The newness.  It surely wasn't elusive.  Snap!  This sounds like a poem fermenting in my forty-six year old brain. "We will sell no wine before it's time," said some man in a commercial in the 80's commercials.  If wine's aging brings out the flavor, at my age my brain should be quite delicious!   So here is a poem as my reflection.

The Journey

The journey begins
In earnest
In Jan

My mind was flowing
almost explodin'
with anticipation
Heart pounding
palms sweating
new learning 
on the horizon

First day
Not knowin'
What to expect
for good reason
Expectations on an astromical
level level level

Like T.O. said
Get your popcorn ready
Bring on the show
More like
fasten those seat belts
we are in for the ride
of the year

This time
I wasn't so
'bout my neck 
lower lumbar
S-1, F-5
Holding on
for dear life
lovin' every moment
within my cognitive dissonance
ZPD baby!

sparks flying
put to flight
We have lift off

Allington to name a few

Got more to go
More to peruse
Collaborative conversations
Journey comes to untimely end
just nightmarin'
playing with your mind
just the beginning
Learning, moving, changing

TORS Highlights Day 3

This will be filled in tomorrow.  I have added other pics from previous trainings.  I added my cat Sammy just because.  He lamented the fact that he could not attend.