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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Reader, The Text, The Poem-The Invisible Reader

This is my first chapter in Rosenblatt's book The Reader, The Text, The Poem.  I will be commenting on each chapter as I finish.

My Thoughts-This is rather dense reading.  You really have to have a deep foundation in the philosophers and the great poets.   I need to read more about them.  I am familiar with some but not so much with others. I realized from reading this, that the reader has not had the prominent role in the equation of author, text and reader.  The reader has been subjugated to a lesser "behind the scenes" role.  The poet and their perspective has been a focus for quite some time.  Now Rosenblatt is bringing the reader to a more formidable role.  The transactional theory is coming into focus.  So far, chapter one has left me with much to ponder and wade through.  I am now ready to move onto chapter two.  I want to see how the reader will be more involved in the process.  Interesting.

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