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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Evoking a Poem

What can I say?  I am still trying to synthesize it all.  Basically, I am going to attempt to fully understand what she was saying.  This is what I understand:  the reader is very active in the process of understanding.  The reader becomes the book. I refer to Wilhelm in this aspect.  The reader brings his/her conceptions and reshapes them based on the situation.  Sometimes the reader goes into a piece of poetry or another genre with a structure in mind.  The reader moves along and creates images in the mind based on the text and his or her background albeit cultural, historical, and ever present point of view.  Sometimes the reader is moving on and has a keen sense of what is going on in the text but then is thrown a curve ball by the writer.  They encounter places of the unexpected.  The reader then reshapes his/her analysis and starts to backtrack to make sense of this new invading sequence.  The reader then reenters his/her reading evaluating what has happened and then thinks even further trying to make meaning for his/herself in a way that will fit his/her circumstance.  The Emily Dickinson poem is a perfect example with the fly intruding in the situation.  I thought it was comical.  In such a serene and serious point of the poem a fly invades.  It was interesting how she continued with the moment in the poem but didn't let it take over.  Then the fact of the fly leads the reader to think deeper.  What is the author trying to say with the entrance of the buzzing fly?  Is there more to this than meets the eye.  What is the symbolism here?  The reader then goes back and reads further but with a different lens...questions are asked and some are still unanswered.  Aesthetic reading...

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