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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Text: Openess and Constraint

On to the next chapter.  I have to say that I am still thinking about the last chapter and that fly from the Dickinson poem.  I am also considering the  miscue analysis she spoke about in efferent reading.
Now to go get me a cup of  Joe.

Okay I finished the chapter.  It goes deeper into the relationship with the reader and the text.  It shows how words have a feeling and tone.  The reader brings his/her background and reads the tone and mood from his/her perspective.  The reader is always structuring, interpreting and going back to their background to help make sense of the text for themselves.  When we are in the aesthetic, we are going deeper into the text.  It is as if take an efferent stance we loose so much.  I think the aesthetic brings us into the text and makes it so much more profound and contextual.  We are constantly interacting with the text on so many levels that I am not sure we are always cognizant to what we are doing as readers.  I never knew of the profundity at which, I go into the text and have the transaction at a deeper level.  It's very interesting to consider so many aspects of this aesthetic stance and the transactional way of looking at the relationship with the reader and the text.  If we allowed ourselves to go so much deeper within the text, then our understanding would be out of this world.  When we would try out say something, it would be a diatribe cubed.  Wow!

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