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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Quest of the Poem Itself

Almost finished.  One more chapter to go.  In this chapter Rosenblatt speaks about the different views on the  reader being apart of the equation or not.  She goes through a few noted scholars' views and then shows how her view of Transactional Theory is a viable alternative.  It goes through multiple interpretations of the writer's intent.  When moving through this, it is ironic that the people giving their viewpoint based on a their process, has actually shown that there are different viewpoints on the author's intent.  There can be different viewpoints based on background, historical, cultural and political view points.  It is noted that even a writer may go back to his/her own writing years later as a reader and forget his her intent.  There is a constant connection between the Reader, The Text and the Poem.

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