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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Interpretation, Evaluation, Criticism-Last Chapter

I am half way through the chapter.  I am understanding more the criticism and the critic.  The critic who thinks only certain works of art are only for a select few.  Only these works of art can be understood through a critics eye.  These are only for the select few.  She states that this past century was a century of critics.  She believes that with the Transactional Theory, all readers can access all kinds of works of art.  These works of arts should not be limited and discarded as in the past, but be respected and be accessible to all the readers. She is very passionate about these points.

Now onto the second half pp 45-75.

Basically it was about the New Criticism and efferent reading in different contexts.  She gave more examples of efferent reading in the different criticisms.  In each one lies the aesthetic, albeit a minimum.  I have learned that the aesthetic the reader is highly engaged.  The reader is important in the process.  The interaction with The Reader, The Text and the Poem is paramount.

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